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Getting Nana A Gun so she can vote
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What do you guy think about "voter fraud"
Let me fix that.

To use the Youtube button the only part of the address you need is that which comes after v= in this case ypRW5qoraTw

The whole id thing is to get people in the 'system'. The 'System' wants to keep track of everyone and one way to do that is to register everyone in the system.

Why? To make it easier to track you, to make it easier to keep the population in line.

Yeah sure the Republicans are getting an added kick her with voter turnout (not by much though). The real process at work is to get everyone in the system so they can keep an eye on you.

The government loves you and wants to protect you from terrible things like independence, privacy and freedom. Who wants all of that stuff anyway?
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[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

[Image: 57929.jpg?v=1]
In some places (such as Florida or Ohio) ...the vote often comes down to a very small percentage delivering the winner....

...and so the Republicans decided to do what they can to supproess these voters. It is well documented. It is dirty. It is intended so they can win...

Most people don't care so they get away with it.
Quote:The government loves you and wants to protect you from terrible things like independence, privacy and freedom. Who wants all of that stuff anyway?

You said it, the more they can require us to have, and the more the government gives us, the more they control us. Unfortunately BOTH of them are doing that in some way this time around. Rolleyes
She is my favourite Comedian
always speaks the truth Tongue
thankfully in Pennsylvania a judge stopped the voter id law from going into affect at least until after the election.
The Silverman vid made me laugh, and I like the unintended consequences of encouraging people to get a permit (*)...if that happened maybe there'd be less people who WANT a civil war based on ideology. Rolleyes (Btw, Vermont Democrats tend to be proud gun owners, at least in part because of the role guns played in stopping union busters from attacking strikers and even invading their homes as some union busters tried to do many decades ago.)

*That said, TN requires DL or photo ID so it's kinda redundant (makes me wonder why TN even bothered **). Also, I couldn't find any real gun permits in TN, only a carry permit, and it looks as if you have to be 21 for that (which would still cut out many in college). (**ETA: the only way this would matter is if TN means you can have an out of state gun permit that TN recognizes to vote in which case they're ENCOURAGING voter fraud, not preventing it.)

Of course you don't have to get a gun to get a permit. (But as you do have to get photo ID with your address on it you don't have to get a permit at all, even 18-year-olds can get photo ID.)

That aside, voter fraud is such a tiny problem that it doesn't deserve this attention. Being typical hypocrites Republicans will say the same when it's convenient to do so (like one who said "pregnancy from rape" is so rare that he never heard of it before--even though he feared there was a long tradition of rapists impregnating minors and taking them to get secret abortions explaining why he voted for a bill to harass Planned Parenthood--that the tiny amount of it didn't matter and thus full prohibition from abortion should be passed without exception). And ultimately, I think even an HONEST attempt to stop voter fraud is like trying to plug one small hole in a ship that's sinking from much bigger holes.

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