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Give me Music tips
Give me a tip of any kind of music, no matter genre, My favorite genres are Reggae, Jazz / blues, Soul, Hiphop / rap, Dubstep, rock (What genre is The Beatles?) (No metal, although i like Linkin park but what genre is that?). Any suggestions welcome, dont care if its how outstretched it is, just NO pop (Bruno mars, lady gaga etc) (You can link those for others but i myself wont bother with those). Confusedmile:
This is a really broad request, but I'm asusming you've either hit a music plateau of sorts or you're just really bored. I'll give you some random artists off of my Ipod and leave you to youtube it up- maybe you'll find something you like Tongue

*big breath*

Lenny Kravitz, Billy Joel, Pretty Lights, Jive Bunny and the Master Mixers, Air Supply, Blue October, Matchbox Twenty, Mimosa, Clay Walker, Prodigy and, finally, 30 Seconds from Mars.

Got a lot more, but there's a starter list for ya.
Skrillex - Weekends (dep crax remix)
Skrillex - Weekends (disrup the scene remix)
Skrillex - Weekends (zedd remix)
Skrillex - kill everyone
Skrillex - all i ask of you
Skrillex - scary monsters

a playlist:
every morning - basshunter
single ladies ( put a ring on it ) //its some sort of remix but cant read it
why dont you love me //again lots of remixes out here
reckless - crystal castiles
hate sone (extended) - cyberia cubanate
Love Song - the dandy warholes
illuminate - the altoghther disk 01 - david gray / orbiutal
wild - dungeon master of cermonies - mc chris
Weekends!!! my name is skrillex - skrillex
kill everyody (original) - scary monsters and nice spirits skrillex
black eyed peas - rock that body //look at the remixes
Lady gaga - alejandro //get the skrillex remix )
lady gaga - bad romance //its some sort of remix but cant read it
oxacetylene ( extended remis ) cybria - cubanate
Thanks a lot aye its quite broad request... I just love music in general and i wish simply to rise my horizon. Wink
Panic! at the Disco
A lot of bands and artists from Fueld by Ramen.

bubba spar xxx deliverance
Celtic Circle
jedi mind tricks - voilent by design 2004 - heavenly divine
jedi mind tricks - servants in heaven kings in hell - uncommon valor a vietnam story
jin - abc - abc
cloud cult //the early stuff
This Will Destroy You (post rock)
Autolux (shoegaze)
Red Sparrows (post rock)
Interpol (indie)
The Rapture (indie/dance)
Bloc Party (indie)
Arctic Monkeys (indie)
Doctor P - (dubstep)
Glitch Mob (electronica)
Santos & Zurdo ( DnB/world)
Beats Antique
Underworld (electronica)
Tiesto (electronica)
Paul Oakenfold (electronica)
Burning Spear ( reggae)
Toots and the Maytals (reggae)
The Specials (first wave Ska)
operation ivy (second wave ska)
Mustard plug (2nd wave ska)
Sea Wolf (indie/folk)
The Decemberists (indie)
Nick Drake (folk)
Tom Waits (blues)
Lead Belly (delta blues)
Fela Kuti (afro beat)
mo' horizons (world/funk/jazz)
Mono {japan} (post rock)
East of the Wall (post rock)
Depeche mode (goth/electronic)
Joy division (post punk)
Christian Death (death rock)
Elliot Smith (folk/indie)
The Smiths ( chamber pop)
The Partisans (punk)
Stiff Little Fingers (punk)
The Pogues (irish punk) think flogging molly but WAY more authentic
Buzzcocks (power pop)
Pansy Division (queer punk)
Del the Funky homospian (hip-hop)
diabolic (rap/hip-hop)
Ill Bill (rap)
Jedi Mind Tricks (rap)
Brian Jonestown Massacre (indie)
the warlocks (rock)
The Clinic (indie)
Maps and Atlases (math rock) *highly recommended*
Deadmau5 (dubstep)
Datsik (dubstep)
Excision (dubstep)
Bassnectar (dubstep)
Easy Star All Stars (dub) {dubside of the moon}

this is all the good shit i can think off the top of my head.
Ah, The Beatles, although different periods have encompassed "Merseybeat" or "psychedelia" ... they were around before everyone had to have a genre (and worse than that a sub-genre) before anyone else would listen.
I'll definitely be coming back with more names when I have some more time to do so (probably tonight, haha) but the first name that popped into my head was Nina Simone.

Brand New and Placebo are also nice.
Lots and lots......I tend to be more of an alternative/indie rock guy: Spoon, Grizzly Bear, Arcade Fire, Passion Pit, MGMT, Phoenix, Radiohead. A.C. Newman's first solo album "The Slow Wonder" is very fitting for autumn. Ben Fold Five's "Whatever and Ever Amen". Weezer's first two albums (Blue/Pinkerton). All good stuff.

If you like jazz, definitely check out the Dave Brubeck personal favorite is "Jazz Impressions of New York", as well as his most well known work "Time Out".

You're a bit younger, and you say you like hip hop, so maybe you're not familiar with the classics like A Tribe Called Quest's "Low End Theory" and Wu-Tang Clan's "Enter the 36 Chambers". Back when the genre had substance, unlike what passes for hip hop today (bleh).

Check those out if you haven't already!

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