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God does not hate gays!
I never believed for an instant that God hated me.

Fred Phelps and his church (for lack of a better term) are very misguided and dumb people.
Tell him when l come up to him and ask to play the record, l'm gonna say: 
''Voulez-vous jouer ce disque?''
'Voulez-vous, will you kiss my dick?'
Will you play my record? One-track mind!
The importance with religion is not to get caught up in the act of what is sin or not. The importance of religion is peace and love, other ways just convert to occultism. If god exists and if he created everything why does crime, or even gayness exist if its a sin? Whats the point of evil and egoism? And why would he just forgive anything we do, when we do the same just a year or less later? Wouldn't it be easier just to purify the human race and make us perfect in the first place? If not i would say he was ratter sadistic to let us live in agony and let us war against each other to the end just ending up in hell cause the sins outnumber the good.
Love God, but the fan clubs scare me.
Life is beautiful, and wonderful, and strange. Cool
Beaux Wrote:Love God, but the fan clubs scare me.



The problem with religion is MAN, not God.

I like to say God gave us three things: 1) The Earth 2) Life 3) Free Will. And then we just go around and screw everything up.
god doesnt hate gays because simply he does not exist. I dont mean to offend anyone, but I can say I've seen enough to be sure of that.

Welcome to GaySpeak, hope you enjoy your stay Smile
I visited friends in Minneapolis-St. Paul this last weekend and went to a rather cool church with them that is set in a church - Spirit Garage. Their slogan is "With the Door Big Enough for Everyone" or something like that, and there truly were all types there. They have their worship Sunday mornings in a theatre, with music and refreshments. If I were to go to church, definitely would be a type I'd be open to going, and recommend any Christians in the area try it.

That said, despite being open to all diverse Christians, it's still very much preaching about Jesus coming down to save us, and I just struggle with that so much. Not with the concept, but with the fact that if I was born in a different country or to different parents, my beliefs might be completely different. It's far easier for me to believe there might be a universal God that encompasses various religions, than it is for me say, okay yes this one set is right. I will participate in communion if I'm home with family for the holidays and trying to blend in with family, but I chose not to participate in it at this church despite enjoying the church experience overall. I don't necessarily not believe in Jesus either, I just believe more in the goodness (or lack of that) in people. I've seen such kindness from non-believers, and such hate from believers.... and yes, also kindness from believers and hate from non-believers.... it just depends on the person, and makes one really question the concepts of belief and love.
who cares if god hates gays, we never see him anyways =/
Religion is bases on human though, so the only thing you do is follow someone else opinion. I could easy say that i am possessed by god, but that doesn't make it true? Then it would be just as bad as any cult... Where is the proof of god? Where is the proof that Bible is the real deal? What i believe in is good deeds, help others to make the world a better place
People who do not hear the gospel must be condemned

Poor Indians...we screwed them out of thier land and their culture...murdered them... and they were all condemned anyway! Serves them right then...Thank God the good Christians saved them! I guess their land was merely payment for saving their

So..before the Christians used a boat and could spread the word pretty much everyone was screwed. :eek:

I gotta wonder how the Bible would sound today if the people who claim God speaks to them wrote it? Glen Beck, Sarah Palin, George Bush, Bin Laden, Michelle Bachman...they all hear messages from God and God tells them what to do...

I beleive they are revising the Bible (or updating it) as we speak. Should be interesting.
But East, there are so many voices of God that speak through all these humans, that surely it calls for diversity.... doesn't it? So isn't the message to keep loving one another and be more tolerant? Otherwise, is it not just another case of cacophony and Babel?

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