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Going to be Homeless...So Scared!
My roommate just told me that they're kicking me out in two weeks...I'm so scared right now...I have no where to go...idk what to do...there's no talking them out of it...i can't make it with no place to live...i feel the only way out is to kill myself....there aer no homeless shelters where i live....i don't know what to do...
I would hate for them to be my room mates more so if you hanged out with them and stuff, but its random they are kicking you out seems very nasty and dont care what happens to you. If your working is there a place you could rent? Confusedmile:
Just shame you have no family or friends to go to as im sure they would look after you. Confusedmile:
Hello Run,
Being homeless is not a good thing as i experienced it this time last year whilst waiting for my property to complete... Its one of the scariest things in the world.... I would like to ask why are you being evicted and whats the reasoning behind it??? Have you got a contract with the owner/landlord of the property because regardless whether they say it or not if they are not in charge they cannot evict you... However if you choose to go quietly and move out my best advice is to NOT give up babes... Dont allow anyone to make you feel like its time to quit because its not its only the beginning of something to come... Im sorry to hear about your situation about not having any family.. I got through homelessness by living by instinct... You see its tougher than this society we live in however you need to remember that when man was first planted here we were basically all homeless and lived in caves... They didnt give up and you wont either... Dont worry about it just make sure your safe and turn up on time for work or whatever dedications you have... If you'd lived in the UK id be able to give advice about support groups etc you would be able to turn to to get help... I know where i live its got a high homeless situation and they all seem to keep their lives going... Dont allow yourself to feel like its time to end it just be strong... Inside you babes theres a flame burning and no one... I repeat NO ONE is allowed to dampen it out and lead you to topping yourself.... Its not worth it because at the end of the day your given one life and you throw it away over someone so bloody selfish sod that for a game of soliders... l would recommend maybe getting in touch with the council or district at the town hall to seek their advice and see where you go from here.... Stop panicing about whats round the corner just hit it when you arrive round the corner... If you worry about being homeless your mind wont be straight so keep strong and dont allow people to push to the extremes of life because you are a good character on this planet that dioesnt deserve death!

Kindest regards and big bloody hugz

Zeon xx
i can't live with my boyfriend...he lives with his parents and they won't let me stay there....i live in a tiny town in virginia...we don't have anything like homeless shelters just so scared...i just don't see a way out...
Hello Runs,
Dont let things worry ya babes you will succeed at some time in the near distance future with referance to topping yourself i want you to think about us all here on GS.... We are a close knitted community and one which supports one another all over the world. I found when i was homeless it was an oppetunity to return to my childhood and build a camp and make a house out of the trees around you. Of course it wont be as cosy but if you can make a little camp which consists of keeping dry then its better than nothing.... l wish i was able to heklp more as no one should be homeless x
You might want to seriously consider relocating to another city where there are homeless shelters.
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I am very sorry to hear of your situation. Are you in work and do you have to stay in Pounding Mill? If you are not tied by your job, you could try moving to a bigger place where there might be hostels or shelters? If you are tied to your job, can your employer help out?

I don't know the legal position where you are, so off the top of my head I can only think of a few things to try

Find out whether your room-mate can really kick you out. Can you get free legal advice from somewhere?

I suppose you have considered talking to someone on this list?

Put a card up in a local store window that you are seeking lodgings.

Are you a member of a church or other group? If the former, this would be a golden opportunity for someone to behave like an good old-fashioned Christian.

The whole situation sounds horrible. All the best to you and to Xandor too.
Im so sorry to hear about your situation. Please do not kill yourself. Try to stay strong. Im sure you will figure something out. Im wishing you the best.
Hey, scissors.
I found these places in or near Pounding Mill, VA. Maybe give them a call tomorrow and see if they can help you with options. Just starting a conversation with someone at one of these places may lead you to a better situation. Hope this helps.

Cumberland Plateau Regional Housing Authority
Fox Meadow Apts, Lebanon, VA 24266
(276) 889-4910

Cumberland Mountain Community
Route 19, Cedar Bluff, VA 24609
(276) 964-6702

Family Preservation Svc
220 Clay Dr, Pounding Mill, VA 24637
(276) 963-3606

Family Preservation Svc
165 Grannys Rd, Pounding Mill, VA 24637
(276) 963-3606

Camp Evangel
105 Camp Evangel Rd, Pounding Mill, VA 24637
(276) 964-2230
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Hello run,
Whateveer happens make sure ya keep us all upto date and good luck on getting something sorted within two weeks

Kindest regards


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