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Goodbye little one...
Hi All,
Tomorrow i doubt i will be on as yesterday my boyfriends rat i bought him when we first got together three years ago died in our arms and i am going out tomorrow to get him a flower and a coffin (yes one that you can get at any hardware shop for about 5 quid build it yaself box) and burying him in the garden...
So now im left with four rats and as they are all old ive introduced the boy to the three girls and no they cant have babies they gone infertile... So tomorrow i will be offline until day after

Sleep well little one and ya dads miss ya

kindest regards

zeon x

(p.s i never felt really sad about a rat before i vowed id never get attached and the others i didnt but this one i have and think its because my boyfriend and me bought it together for him as he did have a fear of them and this rat helped him cope and get over his fear)
awwwww zeon sorry to hear that too..
Sorry to hear that Zeon....even the lil ones make impacts on us but atleast ya'll have memories of him! Wink

thanks for the regards people its appreciated... Going garden center tomorrow to get him a plant and then in the pissing rain and heavy winds forecasted im digging a big hole so no fox can dig him up
Sorry to hear the sad news but 3 years is real good for a rattie. I am sure that he had the best life ever and he is smiling down on ya both for all ya did for him.

RIP little one!
Losing anybody or anything we love is always a horrible experience to have to go through, so I really do feel for you both, and the other rats as well :frown:.


!?!?! Shadow !?!?!

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