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Anyone else here on it.
What's your thoughts & opinions about it? Do you think it will give Facebook a run for it's money?
Personally I love how you can customize different newsfeeds to different circles of friends.
no matter what google throws at facebook...facebook will morph to the point of stealing intellectual property to stay competative.
I noticed FB quickly introduced video chat not long after Google+ was announced (coincidence or not I don't know). I'm just waiting to see if they're brazen enough to introduce customized newsfeeds.
I don´t like all this google-things... toolbars, programs, gadgets, browsers and so on, .. because I never know what they collect from my pc. Not that I have anything to hide... but what I want to show others is my decision.... And the same is with facebook... I don´t know why it should be interesting for a Internet-Site to know my real name, the maiden-name of my both grandmothers, how many times my dogs pees and I´m not interested who like my site and my hobbys....
Another thing is that I´m not interested to know the friends of my friends friends friends :eek: friendship is more for me as to know many people by their nick-names. I "collect" friends by quality not quantity
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True. No point having hundreds of friends that you never met. But on the flip side I have met and eventually interacted (in the real life) with new people from these social networks and developed a quality friendship with them.
Facebook is enough of an addiction for me without adding another social network. I have come very close to deleting my Facebook account, specially recently when I discovered it was collecting information about all my contacts without my knowledge and publishing their telephone numbers. I have always been very careful to close as many holes in my account's security as I can find, but still they change the rules regularly. The ONLY thing that keeps me there is that through FB I have re-established contact with family and friends many years after I thought I'd lost them altogether.

Knowing Google's keenness for "personalising" the browsing experience (i.e snooping big time) I doubt I shall sign up for anything even more Google related anytime soon (and yes I know that FB collects as much personal data as Google and Microsoft, although, apparently, considerably less than Yahoo).
I always try to keep my security settings more water tight than a fish's ass. The only contact detail I've supplied is just my email. I do know of people who have provided their full address & contact details in their profile & I see that as a big no-no. I'm definitely not happy with FB transferring my personal mobile contact details onto my account either (This has something to do with a new SMS service they're launching). I'm also aware of not 'checking in' to every place in the planet I go to and I especially don't 'check in' at home or at someone's private residence. For them to keep resetting your privacy settings back to default, everytime there's a site overhaul is downright irresponsible on their part.
i have it, but i dont understand it so i havent used it.
I'm not that into sharing my private things with someone who is beside me.. Terrible..
I love Google+, but like everything else, not many of my friends are on Google+. Have you guys noticed that Facebook is struggling so hard to keep up, there are so many bugs in the FB system now?

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