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I love Google+! but not all of my friends are on it. that's what's keeping me from using it... and it's also a bit scattered, the User Interface, don't you think?
Not much happens on my Google+ profile. Doesn't help only having a handful of friends on it. I do find it has a lot less to do on it compared to facebook too. Facebook though with anything that gets so big, it's bound to get buggy. Makes it so much harder to iron out all the imperfections. The amount of fake/trojan posts down by hackers encountered now doesn't to help either.
I think Google+ is the best at the minute due to the cirlces and the fact you can share information with the people you want to share it with. It's good for adding the family members you don't really want to communicate with but feel rude not to.

Only problem is hardly anyone uses it out of the people I know...
Yes I have Google+. I'm aware that they're snooping and selling my information, but I don't put any phone numbers or addresses near FB or Google+, so as far as I'm concerned, they only have information I'd tell a stranger.
fenris Wrote:I don´t like all this google-things... toolbars, programs, gadgets, browsers and so on, .. because I never know what they collect from my pc. Not that I have anything to hide... but what I want to show others is my decision.... And the same is with facebook... I don´t know why it should be interesting for a Internet-Site to know my real name, the maiden-name of my both grandmothers, how many times my dogs pees and I´m not interested who like my site and my hobbys....
Another thing is that I´m not interested to know the friends of my friends friends friends :eek: friendship is more for me as to know many people by their nick-names. I "collect" friends by quality not quantity

LOL...Me too Fenris. I am not on Facebook..I deleted my account over a year ago...maybe two...what a freaking nightmare. I ended up being embarrassed for some of my real friends..sending me pretend cocktails and phony platitudes...talking about Farmville assuming it is something I would ever be even remotely interested in...asking me if I like flowers and sunshine and to vote for them if I do.....asking me if I am a fan of koolaid....IM NOT...DONT DRINK IT...look at what happened in Jonestown!!!!:eek: I think someone is intentionally trying to dumb all of us down.

Privately I refer to Facebook as JonestownWink

Facebook scares me actually....alot of people collecting alot of data for ALOT of different reasons...some are obvious such as marketing...some not so much.

If you think I am overreacting...just imagine if Hitler had access to Facebook at the time....and there will be another one....sooner or later. History has a way of repeating itself.

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