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Got my first job in nearly 10 years
Hey I finally got a job with a big supermarket chain in the UK, I've been looking for nearly ten years.

I started looking at getting job while I was on my final year of university back in 2010. I applied for jobs for nearly 2 years sending out about 200 applications a week and only got 12 interviews in that time. I stopped looking for work after I busted my ankle after a night out and it took 2 years to heal (due to having Becker Muscular Dystrophy). I left it another year so that's the start of 2015 I did some voluntary work but I found it boring.

So I got in contact with my local county council and they had a department that helped disabled people back to work. So I half heartedly applied to jobs at first, until 2 months ago, I went back to applying to hundreds of jobs. I got an interview a week ago for checkout colleague and got the job.

I'm so scared though as I'm on benefits, I've read everything I can find and I should be fine it I keep the job under 16 hours a week.

Ps I have a condition called Becker Muscular Dystrophy which is a muscle wasting disease. Im lucky to be still walking but my core muscles are extremely weak and there isn't anything that can be done. I'm slowly getting worse year by year.

It's actually quite soul destroying tbu, most my friends joint the army and that was my dream as a kid to become a solider. Oh well things could of turned out worse lol.

Oh well shit happens life has to go on and I can't dwell on what ifs lol.
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Will your boss be aware of your situation?
I bid NO Trump!
LJay Wrote:Congratulations!

Will your boss be aware of your situation?

Yeah, they have messed my hours up a little though. They said it will be sorted by Wednesday though so fingers crossed. They didn't think about the paid breaks which would make my core hours 16.75.
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LJay Wrote:Congratulations!

Will your boss be aware of your situation?

BTW love to visit Richmond one day.
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Congrats! Let's all go to Swindon and load up on groceries!
Congrats man I'm happy for ya.
How does it feel to be working after all this time?
Awesome! Congrats!

Now don't lose it damn it!
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Well done Smile.
TigerLover Wrote:Congrats man I'm happy for ya.
How does it feel to be working after all this time?

Scared sh**less lol.

I'll be okay once everything has been sorted out.

The line manger seems quite nice to. Mangerment seems to be quite supportive as a whole towards me.

I'll learn how the tills work when I back in. Luckily I've used similar in my voluntary work and years ago when I worked for a camera shop.
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