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Great, safe place to meet up (and meet others)!
Hi Everyone!

I'm currently working on "Hunting Season 2" and we have a great opportunity for fans, actors and others to mix and mingle while being on camera!

This Friday 7/25 and Satuday 7/26 in New York City we will be shooting at a gay club and need extras (for half day or less!) Although unpaid, we are offering SAG vouchers and/or a chance to meet the cast (can also count towards IMDB) credit.

Please message me for more information

Much thanks!!
How is this not spam?
ETOTE Wrote:How is this not spam?

[Image: spam_can_open.jpg]
All we need on that chunk of meat is a flag tattoo and hog nipple and..........
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Otherwise they will begin believing, doing and saying things that are indefensible.[/COLOR]
memechose Wrote:[Image: spam_can_open.jpg]
All we need on that chunk of meat is a flag tattoo and hog nipple and..........

And a finger up the nose.Winknudge
ETOTE Wrote:How is this not spam?

Doesn't seem to be selling something...

While she did post this four times, each posting is in a different forum and each thread started does have some relationship to the forum subject. So this is sort of an iffy sort of thing.

If you want you can get a final verdict from Andy... I personally don't view this as spam, while I am not keen on the idea in and of itself (I hate reality shows and think producers and writers and studios who produce such rubbish would be better off dead - my personal opinion) It doesn't break the spirit of the 'No Spam Law' we have here which is to protect us from the sales of products and anti-LGBT folk.

I say let it slide.

Besides, some of the young folk here may actually be interested in participating in this sort of thing... While I personally can't figure out the mind that would want to participate, it is a relatively free country (Some restrictions apply)...

<---<< >>--->

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I view this as spam. She may not be selling something, but she does stand to gain profits for herself in free labor and exploitation and fan-base. She also doesn't tell you that if you go to the expense of going to NY, there's no guaranty you'll make it in as an extra and will be turned away. I read all 4 posts, and I view them essentially the same, and very spam-like and self serving.

This is a community/family of communication and dialogue. Do you think we'll really hear from Arachel8 again in conversation offering advice once her event has passed?

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