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Greetings From Dirty Jersey
Hi, I'm new to this site and I have never even used a forum before so I hope I did this right! lol I'm currently in the closet if my username wasn't more obvious. I had a traumatic experience when I was young and have been hiding and pretending to be straight ever since. I'm hoping this site will help me along with coming out to my family and friends.
Welcome! Wavey
Hi Welcome to the Forum . This forum will help. There is many great people here. Confusedmile:
welcome to gsBighug
Welcome, I can empathize, you sound like where I was back in my teens. Same deal, trauma, family BS, pretending to be what they wanted, hating it, hating myself for doing it, but unsure of how to go about being who I really was.

Obviously, I'm long past that now, but I do remember at, it wasn't easy getting here, but well worth it all.
Hello and welcome! :biggrin:
Hello Welcome

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