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Greetings everyone!

Well... To be honest, I just came here to ask one thing, but it seems to be a nice and friendly forum with nice people ^^

A little about myself, no?
I'm 18 years old, Swedish born with parents from Chile... So I'm raised bi-cultural, to say, and with both languages... And I love languages! I'm currently studying German and trying to learn Old Norse on my own :p

Well... I am currently engaged in a long distance relationship, which is pretty hard due to the... Yeah, the distance; but I can easily say I'm deeply in love... So here comes this: I am not completely sure whether I am gay, bi or straight... Whichever the case, I hope I could stay around here and post around now and then.

Well... Yeah, that's it, I think.

See ya'll around :biggrin:
Heya Bosil. Nice name you have there. Welcome to GS, and to this lovely forum. I'm camodetective, or Michelle, whichever you want to call me. I'm 20 and I am from the US, residing in Indiana. I like the sound of the different cultures in your family. And it's cool that you're studying German. I am fluent in German myself and have a lot of it in my family. Old Norse is also cool. Anyways, glad to have you here. Feel free to be my friend or message me.
Hello and welcome to the forum,
I am glad you have realised we are a friendly forum... If you wanna say anything feel free to voice an opinion it what makes us so vibrant and diverse

kindest regards

zeon x
Tjena och välkommen till forumet Smile Hoppas du kommer trivas här.
Sometimes you need a bit of chaos in your life to be able to shrug off pitiful disdain about something meaningless.
G Day Bosil and welcome to gayspeak
Hi welcome to the forum, enjoy your time here.
Hi and welcome Bosil, make your safe at home.

[Image: welcome.jpg]
You're welcome to stay here as long as you like, whether you're bi, gay, or straight Tongue We'd love to have you!

Hope you have fun and enjoy the topics we cover here. Go ahead and post anything you want to talk about, that's what this site is for Tongue
Welcome! Wavey
Welcome to GS. Get cozy and have fun. Smile

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