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Greetings from México!!!
What´s up dudes?. I understand introductions are in order Wink. I´ll make a brief description of myself:

I´m a gay guy from México City. At this time I´m living at the town council of Cuautitlán Izcalli, State of México. I´m 30, single and dedicated to the administrative work camp. I have some hobbies, but the one I like the most is Bakery. I love Horror and Post-apocalyptic movies, Videogames, Dancing, going to the movies, and reading detective stories.

I´m trying to make the most of every opportunity I have to practice English, and fortunately I found this site. I think it would be fun to meet other gay people from other countries, and to participate in the forums discussions.

Starlet Hologram?. Well, if you´re well versed in videogames, you´ve probably played Fallout New Vegas, and met the most beautiful female character ever created in the Fallout series: The Starlet Hologram, that resembles Vera Keyes, a guest in the Legendary Sierra Madre Casino DLC. I know, I´m a guy :biggrin:, but if I weren't would like to look like that :tongue:.

Well, I think that’s enough at the moment. I´m very pleased to form a part of this community and looking forward so the practice commence….

Greetings from México!. Laugh
[SIZE="3"][COLOR="Magenta"]Hi and welcome to the forum.......

[SIZE="3"][COLOR="Green"]Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

Oscar Wilde[/COLOR][/SIZE]
Hi and welcome to group.

[Image: smilies-welcome-group.jpg]
Hi and Welcome to GS!
[COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"]Deep wells must be dug
If you want clear water
Rose-red oh Rose-red
deep waters don’t run still

~ Rammstein - Rosenrot[/COLOR]

Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next. ~ Jonas Salk

You don't shine by putting out someone else's light.
Hello and welcome . . . I was thinking for a second that I would get a chance to practice my ghastly Spanish, but I suppose it is best to allow you to hone your English skills and not embarrass myself.
Hello, welcome along Welcome
Gee!, many thanks guys!. It´s very exciting to see replies from dudes of many nationalities Confusedmile:.

Ichante, hey, be my guest. When you want to practice spanish I´m willing!. If you want, we can help each other to hone our foreign languages. Cool
Welcome! Wavey

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