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Greetings from Macedonia
Hello everybody, I'm girl from Macedonia. I'm lesbian and I came here to read more about lgbt communities in other countries. I have some issues so I hope you will help me Smile
Hi and Welcome :-)
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Welcome Macedonia! It is great to see more girls joining. Post, Post, Post and the responses will come. We are a big community here and will try to answer any questions you have, or at least show you support of we dont have an answer. Smile
Hi, welcome to the forum Welcome
Hi, and welcome to Gay Speak, I hope you enjoy your visits.

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Hi and welcome :biggrin:
Hey. Yes, ask away. If you don't feel like doing it in such a public way you can send private messages or create an anonymous forum to ask your questions.

Greetings back at Macedonia:
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I only joined recently too and GS is a great place to ask questions, share your thoughts, and just chit chat. :biggrin:

I hope you enjoy it too.
G day and welcome to GaySpeak

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