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Grocery list
R is for something Random..hey, I know! Rutabaga! Big Grin
[Image: tumblr_lsrhzsYHfm1qh17feo2_250.gif]
R - is definitely for pomegranate :tongue:
S is for steak! Inch thick sirloin steak! :biggrin:
Big Grin T is for Tea<3 (shocking)
[Image: tumblr_lsrhzsYHfm1qh17feo2_250.gif]
Milk no sugar please Samis!

U is for udon noodles!
No sugar, but milk and honey! Smile

V is for vitamins!
[Image: tumblr_lsrhzsYHfm1qh17feo2_250.gif]
W is for wholemeal bread.
omg X. Umm...xylitol?Big Grin
[Image: tumblr_lsrhzsYHfm1qh17feo2_250.gif]
Yeast, to bake bread Tongue
lol why do I get all the difficult ones. (of course I could just skip them but nah.)

Z - Zucchini?
[Image: tumblr_lsrhzsYHfm1qh17feo2_250.gif]

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