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Grocery list
A is for Alphabetti Spaghetti!
Lawl. B is for Banana! Smile
[Image: tumblr_lsrhzsYHfm1qh17feo2_250.gif]
C is for chicken breast for my enchilada dinner tonight!
D is for diet coke. Ooooh I so wish I had some right now.
[Image: tumblr_lsrhzsYHfm1qh17feo2_250.gif]
E --------------> Earl grey tea
Good choice, sacredcake!

F is for something I'm not into, but F is also fish sticks!
[Image: tumblr_lsrhzsYHfm1qh17feo2_250.gif]
Thanks haha

G -------> Garlic to keep vampires away Tongue
Garlic is also good for keeping me away. Ugh.

H is for ham (although I had way too much ham on holidays)
[Image: tumblr_lsrhzsYHfm1qh17feo2_250.gif]
I -------------> Ice-cream (lemon mint flavor)
Lemon mint!? :O Oh wow that must be amazing!

J is for junk food? (ugh)
[Image: tumblr_lsrhzsYHfm1qh17feo2_250.gif]

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