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Guillaume Cizeron: Why It Was Imperative for Me to Come Out Publicly
Guillaume Cizeron: Why It Was Imperative for Me to Come Out Publicly


French ice dancer Guillaume Cizeron is a tour de force. Throughout his career, he’s racked up an Olympic medal alongside partner Gabriella Papadakis and is a world champion four times over. This only scratches the surface of the accolades the skater, who has broken multiple world records, has earned. Earlier this year, Cizeron opened up about his personal life.

While he shies away from the term “coming out,” the athlete posted a photo of himself and his boyfriend on Instagram for International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia. Though he had already spoken about his sexuality to friends, this was the first time he had spoken publicly about his intimate life. Since then, he’s continued to do so. Here, in his own words, the resident of Canada writes about bullying and the lasting impact it can have on queer people.

“Are you a boy or a girl?”

This was the question I was asked by classmates when I was young. While the question was intended to mock me, deep down it led me to question myself about my own gender identity at a young age. I remember one day coming home from school and putting the question to my parents: “Mom, am I a boy or a girl?” The confusion I saw in others was manifesting itself as a strange feeling inside of me of not belonging to one thing or another. Eventually it would crystalize as questions about my sexuality.

I knew I was born in a boy’s body, but somehow what I felt inside of me didn’t align with the behavior that was expected of a boy. I felt different and didn’t fit in with my peers. I was bullied at school almost every day, being called a “pussy” or a “faggot.” It made me feel ashamed and led to confusion about who I was.

Having two sisters, I was drawn to play with dolls, makeup, and costumes. But I understood quickly that a boy wasn’t supposed to do that. So I stopped. I’d sit on the bed and watch my sisters play.
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