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Guys What Do You Think Of Gayquation Matchmaking Services?
I would not suggest any of these services because I do not think they can predict "chemistry" and I am not sure what other people want or need but for me - no chemistry means no interest and I don't care what it seems like on paper.

I have never been to any of those sites but I think from what I have read that it would be a waste of your money. It reminds me when I was in my 20s my friends would try to set me up with this or that guy because we would be "perfect" together and it was almost always the exact opposite and "perfect match" was laughable. The meetings and/or dates were uncomfortable enough - can't imagine spending any money on these "perfect matches".

I think going to places or clubs/bars/groups/shopping where there are alot of other gay men would be a better avenue so the chemistry can click - or not - and even if you don't make a match you might make friends who have friends ect. ect.

Of course - I could be wrong but you asked for opinions and that is mine Smile

Good Luck with your search whatever you decide to do - I hope you find what you are looking for.
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It sounds like online dating... Do you use this service?
(02-25-2021, 05:46 PM)kimmiel Wrote: It sounds like online dating... Do you use this service?

@kimmiel not yet I intended to try but their rates is too steep so I am asking for a second opinion if it's worth a penny for this.
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@bootsguy I doubt it is worth the money, if any at all.

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