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New to the site. Lesbian living on Mendocino coast of California.
Welcome Suzina. Hope you enjoy it here.
Indeedily, welcome.

Carlsberg don't do internet forums, which is just as well, as Carlsberg tastes like dishwater and this here forum is probably the best in the world.
Hello Suzina, and Welcome to the site. We hope you will enjoy it here.
[COLOR="Purple"]Hello Suzina. Welcome to the site... it really is a nice group of people even if us Americans may not understand all these Euros are going on about...

Ya must be in a really lovely area.

Why not tell us more about yourserlf?[/COLOR]
XyxwaveSuzina Welcome
Reach for the moon if you miss you will be amoung the stars
Welcome to the forums Suzina!:biggrin:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

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