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Haikal Noyes, anyone?
Following this young man's artistry... odd. A bunch of quirky self portraits.
[Image: scotchtapex560.jpg]
Can't say I am crazy about it , but to each his own.
i dont get how sticking tape to your face is art - i can see artists like Rembrandt et all have talent but this with the tape i just dont see any kind of talent - and it scares me even more when people pay huge amounts of money for it,

not knocking the thread honestly - i just have trouble seeing the art in things like this
The only one that remotely struck a cord of 'art' in me was the one with the guy standing in what appears to be a subway station. The rest... not so much.

[Image: subwayx560.jpg]

Most photographic art doesn't do anything for me. I am more moved by other medium where the artist has placed his/her personal touch in creating it. Sculpting, painting, and the like.

There are even exceptions to that. Picasso in his cubist period, I don't 'get it' and I fail to understand why such simplistic lines and even LSD-ish canvasses got so much attention.

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