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Hair dye question?
I'm a natural blond, but I hate my hair colour. It's like a dark golden blond shade. I wanted it light brown, so I bought some light brown hair dye and had my friend dye it for me today. It came out slightly darker, but still blond. What other brands could I use to dye my hair light brown. This time I used Clairol. Also, how long can I wait in order to dye it again?
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Its on the cheap side, but Revlon is a pretty good brand to use if you want to go darker. I'm actually surprised how well it works considering you normally get what you pay for.

I'm a dyed platinum blonde myself and I've found if you want the most striking shade of the desired color, bleach your hair first before dying. Don't do this too often however or you risk frying the roots.

Hope that helped Confusedmile:
Some of the more costly colors come out bolder and more natural looking. I hate the gray that's getting into my hair. I use Feria, and have gone from dark brown to platinum blond without bleaching. I've never had it get brassy, or too red and, it does come out true to the color on the box.

I'd wait four weeks, make sure your hair is in good condition but, the night before you plan to color, or that morning, wash your hair, shampooing it twice and do not use a conditioner. If you use an all in one shampoo, get one that does not have a conditioner. Let it air dry then, color.

With over the counter hair color, you get what you pay for, the more costly ones like Feria and Preference do come out much better than the cheaper ones like Nice n Easy. If you want to maintain the color, you'll be doing a root touch up every month and, a full dye 2-3 times a year.
If you put a permanent color in , please go to a professional to do your color ,one of my friends hair turned bright orange.

if your hair throws gold ,use a warm brown or auburn.

If doesn't than go for the ash colors.

[Image: precision-foam-colour-shades.jpg]

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