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With Halloween Only a few days away I was wondering what you guys will be doing?
An eye for an eye
we live infront of a cemetery/memorial park .. so it would be fun to cruise the place .. lots of people and fun stuff .. yikes ..
Nothing, we don't really celebrate Halloween In this corner of England.

Well except for 2for1 shots at the local pub.
Not a damn thing.
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I'm gonna be working, maybe my bosses will make me dress some shit, I'm willing not.
Usually stay home and eat candy and watch scary movies.
“Why is a raven like a writing-desk?”  [Image: 1f3a9.png]
Stinks the 31st falls on a Monday this year; though that does leave a big weekend. All I know is I have several costumes to choose from.
Chilling at home and handing out Pixy Stix to children.
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Nothing, don't celebrate it here in Norway really.
Sure there is people who will "celebrate" it, like dressing their kids up and stuff. But it doesn't look like Halloween will be a big thing here where I live this year either. Seems like most people won't open the doors to anyone trying it, so people have gotten bored of trying hehe.

Kids use new year's eve to dress up and beg for candy here.
But they sing instead.
Scary movies and snacks are great.

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