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Halloween seris starts tonight on E4 10pm
Hi all,
DEAD SET is on tonight on E4.. Incxase you havent got a clue what its about basically everywhere gets infected and zopmbies take over but the big brother house is the only safe place to be... I dont want to tell too much as it seems a good seris to watch

will discuss more after first viewing

kind regards

zeon x
Thanx for the reminder...i was plannin to watch but had totally forgotten! [Image: hatsoffxy7-1.gif]

Was also planning on watching but had forgot so you get two thank you's. Have watched big brother from the start 8 years ago so am well intrigued(like zombies also). Look forward to your thread on it.
Hi All,
I am pleased i managed to act as your reminders if u need to be reminded of anything let me know i mean it cant be any worse than my usual shedule whereby i got everyone asking for reminders and my computer is covered in post it notes... Well i will make this a thread about this program where we can express views on the seris and whatnot related to it Big Grin

Kindest regards and very very happy i managed to remind u lotBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin

zeon xx
Review episode 1

Overall I was pleased with the set up of the production and writing of the seris.. The way it started by annoucing Day 68 in the big brother house made you feel as though it was a proper big brother seris taking off with original voices from the cast. I was pleased to see Davina Mcoll take on the natural role of herself in a special Halloween series.
Into the program as the Virus spread i started to feel as though i was getting stucked into it and experiencing the whole experience myself in the darkened room where the TV was.. I also liked the way it had a comical factor thrown into it as the zombies chased the cast and ripped shreds out of them the song by mika Grace Kelly was played which was a massive improvement from shaun of the dead's Dont stop me now by queen..
Throughout this episode there were several jumpy bits and adrenaline rushes which i felt were bought on by my own fear of clastrophobia such as that young worker being trapped in the office and the production manager confining himself into a disabled toilet.. However the way they got that guy to leave his crew behind to be eaten alive and the disabled man taken advantage of i thought was a bit cruel as you can see there is no team work so his motto for that day may have been to his crew..


On the whole it was a very successful episode which was fantastically put together and i shall be watching the rest of the series as it unfolds... Just a shame about the breaks but i guess the actors and actress' need to receive pay some how so breaks i guess have to be included..

Leave your reviews below

Kindest regards and dont have nightmares

With love

Zeon x
Reminder: Episode 2 is on tonight at 10pm E4..

Kindest regards

Thanks for the review zeon but Im gonna have to disagree with you. I know the program was made on a low budget(in assuming that from the quality of production) but that dosent forgive the appaling acting and genneral bad direction. To say I was majorly dissapointed is an understament, I have seen this genre done far more justice in films like 28 days later and dawn of the dead to name but a few. And its not just the special effects I am comlaining about(Those are forgiveable and not allways necessary to make a good film) but the way the whole thing was put together. As I mentiond earlier in this thread I am both a fan of zombie flicks and big brother its just that neither were done justice in this program. The only redeming factor was seeing some of the big brother contestants from yesteryear and even that was not enough to redeem this. Be interested to hear what others think.
I lasted bout 15 mins then went back to surfin :frown: was pretty disappointin and i cant stand BB so just the voice made watchin seem like a chore!

Hi All,
I watched tonights episode and was disappointed by the 30 minute length of it.. But figured id make a review of episode 2

Dead set review 2 episode 2

This is a bit of a negative review of the whole situation.. I wasnt overall impressed by the half hour length which Davina Mcoll spent 15 minutes banging her head against a door and screaming for the fat twat of a director as she wanted to eat him (personally id had better taste than him if i was her) I felt that this episode was rushed and not properly thought through.. Mind you i missed 10 minutes of the beginning as new lodgers in my home had television problems..
I also dislike the fac that the zombies are running.. This is a poor quality part of this series.. Zombies do not run.. Any film or program dictating zombies to run is a badly made program which will flop.. I liked however that the star from bad girls was in this series and she was amusing with her statements such as "Have you blown your best friends head to pieces where their blood is trickling down your face and your picking bones out of your jumper like a cat .... (forgot rest of sentence)"
I think on a positive review to this episode it was nice to see them venturing outside the big brother house but im wondering whether they will show that woman in the big brother room like on the dead set website where she wants help and is trapped..

Overall if the series goes like this from good to bad then it will definately be a box office flop so to speak.. I am hoping it does improve as i want it to get better for the sake of zombie fans..

Kindest regards and review three coming tomorrow

Zeon x
Thanks for your'e review zeon. I will pesonaly be leaving this series allone. However keep us all posted on all thats new in the tv and film world(perhaps you could become our resident critic). And keep writng reviews you certainly seem to have a flair for it.

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