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Happy birthday Ibex
A thread to celebrate [MENTION=24036]Ibex[/MENTION] and his birthday, and to get him to shut up because he didn't get a happy birthday thread.

Happy birthday!
Gossip is the Devil’s telephone; best just to hang up.
[MENTION=23058]IanSaysHi[/MENTION], you may get [MENTION=24036]Ibex[/MENTION] to hush about the birthday thread, but you won't get him to hush in general. Just not his way, but that's all right.

[Dieals time machine to 22 October 2016] Why [MENTION=24036]Ibex[/MENTION]! What a surprise!! It's your birthday. I do hope you are putting the correct number of candles on the pickled fish or whatever it is Nowegians make birthday cakes from. I just looked at you profile and found that you look a LOT like a friend of mine. He's crazy, too, but you can't blame hime because he is a priest. Hope you will enjoy your special day and look forward to an automatic birthday thread in 2017. Yes, we do want you to stay around that long. Also, a Very Merry Unbirthday!
I bid NO Trump!
Lol, thnx Big Grin

The weather stayed good for the whole evening, so firing up all that fireworks I had bought was good.
I was mostly outside this year, had that much fireworks xD
And my brother had some, youngest none. Youngest said he didn't care about fireworks, but it sure didn't look that way when he went with us every time we were going to ignite something.
My midnight stuff was good, but the last comet boomed too far down and the crackling stuff was so big that it looked like it would hit us Tongue

Uhm anyway, thnx and I will most likely stick around for this year Smile
And happy new year to you all Smile
NA won't be in 2017 for another 5 or so hours though hehe.

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