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Hasa diga ebowai
Hasa Diga Eebowai is "Phuck you god"
[Image: BOM-HASATEE-LAR.jpg]

so my partner bought us tickets a year ago for the Denver live theater showing of the 2011 musical "The Book of Mormon". I must say it lives up to ALL its hype. Basically the best modern live performance the last five years? Just coming off Broadway.
The producers; Trey Parker & Matt Stone; of South Park fame are from Denver so the city was the first off Broadway showing.

[Image: 010-3.jpg]

[Image: 009-6.jpg]

Denver city theater complex
[Image: 060.jpg]
I have always wanted to see this since it came out! I listened to this song and am constantly finding myself listening to it over and over agan... that and "Hello, my name is Elder Price." I want to see this!
My man and I both love BoM and want to see it live! We go around singing songs from it all the time!
I never heard of it but I just watched some of the videos on youtube and now I want to see itLaugh
The Book of Mormon web site has a tbd un populated pull dwn for a London tour but the schedule for N America says LA is next 090512:
[Image: 01.jpg]
I saw it on Broadway, it was a good show.
This show literally changed the direction of my life, and I haven't even actually seen it. When I first heard that Matt and Trey and Robert Lopez were doing a Broadway musical (been a huge Matt and Trey fan forever) I nearly exploded. I immediately bought the cast recording when it came out and have barely listened to anything else since. It combines all my favorite things in the world: Heartwarming and cheesy Broadway showtunes/characters, an intensely dark sense of humor, and a biting criticism on organized religion (while simultaneously celebrating the good that religion provides, hence Matt and Trey's trademark tendency to answer to absolutely nobody).

It is my favorite thing in the world. Like I said though, I haven't actually been able to see the show (that's not to say I haven't seen some poorly recorded, out of focus, barely hearable version on youtube, which I kind of regret watching).

It changed my life because after listening to the show so many times and reading that Trey Parker had started his college career as a music major, I decided to go back to school and do the same thing. Usually when I see or hear things I really enjoy I tend to just get jealous and defeated at my own inadequate ability. But that show truly inspired me.

I'm very happy for you that you were able to see it. I'm glad it lived up to your expectation.

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