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Have I crossed over.
I have always considered myself to be hetrosexual, despite a long interest in cross dressing, and I have never looked at a man and found him sexually attractive.

I love dressing up, especially in a dress or skint with tights or high heels or knee high boots. However I have always viewed my self as a lesbian cross dresser, i.e I quite fancied a relationship with a woman whilst dressed as a man.

However, a few months ago I bought a cock ring with butt plug attached and have to admit I enjoy the feeling of it as I clench my buttocks on it. I have also started having a look at tranny porn and find it exciting. The thing is, I now quite fancy meeting up with a man, whilst I am crossdressed an being treated as a lady with the intention of giving him a bj. Despite this I still don`t find men attractive, what is going on?
Sometimes the taboo of the act is more enticing than the logistics of the act. You can only one up yourself so far in cross dressing to keep the excitement of the newness of it going. Men are the ultimate women's accessory to try on.
you don't have to be gay to enjoy that stuff.
Well I for one am now very awake. I wonder what is on those adult internet channels. back in a bit
Don't worry about the stupid labels crap, just try it out and see where it goes, see if you like it.
Even after you do, I still wouldn't worry about the labels thing....
Explore this side of yourself if want to, and like others have stated do worry about labels just be true to yourself.
I think trying to label oneself while in the midst of change or discovery is an act in futility. It's only -after- you figure out what you like, what you want and enjoy, that labels find their place and fit (or don't).

Discover.... explore. The labels may work themselves out sometime later after you figure out what you like.
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