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Have you ever enjoy this specialities ?
[Image: 17_002.gif] I know some new foods that is very delicious and original for our taste. And now , I beg to present it for you feel: [Image: smile.gif]

1 / MUC KHO :
This is one exellent mix of the cuttle-fish with chily and other spices..You'l feel very original when you eat it with some beers [Image: still_dreaming.gif]
[Image: P1010141-1.jpg]
Remember to add for some beers ..[Image: still_dreaming.gif]'s very cool..
[Image: P1010140-1.jpg]

Very good taste..Let enjoy for 1 time..:eek: :tongue: Wink [Image: still_dreaming.gif][Image: ChaCaTamViHaiSan_EatLover.jpg]
And the NEM NUONG:
[Image: DSC03597.jpg]
3 / BO-KHO[Image: still_dreaming.gif]
[Image: DSC00334.jpg]
Wow..very hot..I want to eat now..
[Image: 2538894094_169aae4d1b.jpg]

[Image: GoiDuDuKhoBo.jpg]
If you want to enjoy it , pleise contact me .
Thank for your looking very much. :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:
I am not sure if I had that specific fish dish - in the first pic... but I would go to a great Vietnam restaurant in San Francisco at least once ever two weeks or so...

I enjoy The CHA CA NHATRANG & NEM NUONG very much... but there is so much I love about Vietnamese food I could never choose a fav.
And this is some new specialities that I present and sell for you:
4/ the BANH-TET
The BANH-TET is a traditional pie of Vietnamese for the new year..^^[Image: DSCN5581.jpg]
This is Banh Tet, a traditional bundle of sticky rice, pork fat and soy bean paste squashed into a banana leaf cylinder. These two Banh Tet, arrived strung together with nylon courtesy of my landlady. She makes a tonne of them (well, a lot at least) every year on a wood fire in her garden. We get two every Tet.
[Image: P5-371-1.jpg]
Very delicious taste..^^
[Image: banhtet.jpg]
Why don't you try to enjoy ? ^^
[Image: tet4.jpg]
Or this is the yellow BANH-TET ( TET PIE)
[Image: banhtet2.jpg]

Eat it any other way and you're heading for trouble. One extra noodlepie touch - maybe a bit uncivilised, but here goes - I like to have it served with English Mustard. That gives some real bollocks to a Banh Tet. Head to the theatre in town if you want to see possibly the world's largest Banh Tet. Now, if they could fashion a frying pan to fit that baby in, I'd be well impressed.
[Image: banhtetset.jpg]
Or BANH TET with the banana-core:
[Image: IMG_0969a.jpg]
5/ ( continue )The BANH-TRANG SadWHITE RICE PIE)
[Image: ID59_BanhTrang.jpg]
[Image: banh%2031_907.jpg]
The BANH-TRANG can eat with the fresh shrimps + nuoc-mam+ vegetables

[Image: images661831_GOI_CUON_2.jpg]
The mix of Banh-trang + fresh shrimps + vegetables + nuoc-mam + chily+ cha-lua....^^
[Image: 283144583_c8cb09a563.jpg]
very delicious..^^
[Image: banhtrang.jpg]
Or we can eat with the boilling meats..+ nuoc-mam and vegetables..
[Image: 2475748038_0c5a414c64.jpg]

[Image: 1178857206_miquang2.jpg]
And other of foods , I'll continue to present to you in the nearly day..
And if you want to buy , pleise contact me at : [email protected]. I'll serve you throughtfully with the low price. And thank for your interesting very much. Wish best day for you..^^Laugh Biggrina
Dood that food looks great all except NEM NUONG what exactly is it? Wink

Phil! Wrote:Dood that food looks great all except NEM NUONG what exactly is it? Wink
Supergrin This is NEM NUONG NINH HOA ( located in Ninh Hoa - Nha Trang City)
[Image: DSC03597.jpg]
NEM NUONG fully :
[Image: post601180572216yw2.jpg]
Or :
[Image: nem_2.jpg]
[Image: post601180571776rv4.jpg]
[Image: 28539535_3eee4ee19e_o.jpg]
Wow all that food looks awsome!!!

Makes brittish food look so crap, what do we have??? Steak pie and chips :p lol
I need a guy whose name doesn't end in .JPG

так что вы приняли время для перевода этого

"Very funny, Scotty. Now beam down my clothes."
god that food looks amazing, wish i could sample all of it
they all look fantastic
All of that looks delicious. Freaking Asians and their badass cuisine! I wish I was Asian.
damn, all that has made me hungry...

looks great dude :tongue: nice post of delights...

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