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Head over

Met someone only a few days ago and falling head over heels for him... I just can't hold back, it's killing me, I hardly even know him but we seem to click so well. We talked for hours and hours the other day, it's so hard to even recall what about... but of course he's from a totally different land and I just don't want to get myself overly excited about something that may not go over quite as I see it in my head. How do I keep myself from over-thinking the situation, or is that even necessary if it seems to be mutual? Oh goodness, I don't know what to do, there's just so many damn butterflies in my stomach!!! I think I'll go stare at the pic I have of him a little more.... Confusedmile: I really hope this goes the way I hope it does...
You have been hit by the crush fairy. I think most of us are familiar with falling hopelessly in love/lust with someone unattainable. Just enjoy the thoughts and happiness and let nature take its course...anything goes Wink
Well that's the good part. Despite the fact that he's on another continent, I don't think he's altogether unattainable. Confusedmile:
Stay calm , breath and enjoy the butterflies and heart skips. Wink
You will be fine.Confusedmile:
And be careful, since he's from another land do you know if he's a real person or not?? And certainly don't send a penny in money...
[SIZE="3"][COLOR="Green"]Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

Oscar Wilde[/COLOR][/SIZE]
Just be very careful, long distance relationships in the same country are difficult at best, never mind in the same country. However with two individuals willing to make it work, there is a possibility. Just chat a bit more and see how things go.
Enjoy the feeling, but be cautious about him being from another land.
Thanks for all the tips and comments everyone, they are much appreciated. As far as being wary of the person existing or not, that's not much concern here, I've got some decent proof. To all the additional comments I can say that I am still enjoying it for what it is, however, I've recently gotten my head securely fastened again. I'm starting to come around and think more logically about the likelihood of this going nowhere, though still think it'd be nice, and won't stop it if it does. But I think I'm starting to really take some direction and truly take this special connection at face value and think realistically. So yeah, I just wanted to say thanks.

I am now living for the moment, again. Confusedmile:

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