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Heading to the shop.
Heading out to go to the shop to get some cold and flu medicine stuff there is 70mph wind and heavy rain would someone like to go for me? :biggrin:
be careful outside.... here it seems that the sky falls down....
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Yikes...70 MPH? Try some home you have any tomato juice and some lemon and tabasco..maybe garlic?

Try for some home remedies. That sounds dangerous to go out drving in
TommyinKY Wrote:


Hahaha that will be very soon, planning on getting some halls just to clear up this runny nose a bit, it seems that even though I had the flu jag the common cold has sneaked it's way in, little bit feverish, headachy, dazed and have an irritating runny/sniffly nose, my throat has gotten better at least Confusedmile:
Only thing I have out of that list East is garlic haha, the shop is at the bottom the street thankfully as is the pharmacy so will brave it and go there
hmmmm headache, feverish, and dazed have you taken any tylenol yet?
Nope, they don't sell it here unfortunately
oh hmmmm well hopefully you can get something to reduce the fever. Best not to let it get worse.
Indeed, though as odd as it sounds I find that by keeping my self busy, walking about or whatever that it helps a lot as opposed to sitting about or lying in a bed

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