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Hello everyone.
My name is Mark, I live in Europe, between London, Berlin and Barcelona.
I love traveling, snorkeling and writing. I am writing a gay blog 2130oldcompton
welcome to gayspeak must have some great things to say about the places you have lived in .. happy you have found us
"when u wake up with me ....I'll be your glass of water"
Welcome to GS Mark
Thanks Matty Smile very kind. Yes I have written something about those places and some other countries I traveled to. I was born in Italy from Italian and Slovenian parents with Austro-Hungary grandparents, married to a Dutch man, with a Spanish cat.. so quite a messy family Smile
Welcome to GS Mark Wavey
Hi mark, welcome to gs! Smile
Welcome to GS Smile
Hi, welcome to GS...
Hi Mark, Nice to see you. Welcome to GS. Smile
Hello and welcome, I hope you enjoy it here Smile.

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