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fredv3b Wrote:First, welcome to GS.

Second, on the subject of MK. Every time I've been there its seemed fairly pleasant, bland as can be, but pleasant. But more, importantly, every time I go there I get hideously lost, everywhere looks the f***ing same, just one roundabout after another. I've got an excellent sense of direction (I get offended when people suggest gay men have a bad sense of direction) and can find my way around most places, but MK defeats me every time. Anyone else have this problem?

Sounds like Swindon lol!
Hello and welcome Gabriel Xyxthumbs

Hello and welcome to our piece of the internet. Hope you like us :-)
Hii welcome Gabriel Smile
Hello and welcome to gayspeak
Hiya Gabriel,

I saw Erasure in MK

Welcome to GS and hope you make some new friends


Hi Gabriel,

Welcome to the Forum... hope you have a great time here. I see you're from Milton Keynes too? Same here lol

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