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I'd like to start off by admitting a heavy cluelessness in how to properly introduce myself on an online board. So I'll wing it.

My name is Sam. Well, it isn't actually Sam but I've spent many hours debating which name I could comfortably pick for myself. Actually I made it up on the spot so nevermind that last part. Anyway! I am a relatively chill kinda guy that loves interacting with people. I spend most of my time working and/or finding the next project to keep busy but do so very much love and cherish some relaxation time. I work in retail but I miss my former occupation as a counselor. May return to that.

I joined the forum for a few different reasons. Say, uh, to bring some sort of personal satisfaction in admitting things that I do not to others in my immediate life. One of those aspects being my sexuality. I am mostly in the closet about that, and exceedingly smoothly at that! I've had my encounters but never blossomed to accepting it beyond that.


That is less important. What is infinitely more is that I am happy to join and I hope we can be the best of friends. Smile

- Sam.
- uh, Quanta.
- uh, me. Yeah, that one. Or this one? Yeah.
Hello and welcome from a fellow newbie Smile
Welcome Quanta Smile
Hi Sam, welcome to the site. We are (mostly) a friendly bunch, so lets get to know each other.
Is there anyone else at all that knows you are gay?

Just so you know, some of us here masturbate. Some don't. Don't waste your time on those who don't.Catmilk
Thanks to all for the welcome. As for the question, I am bisexual I suppose? Leaning towards the same sex? Well, more like directly on top of them so much so they are asking me to please go away. Yeah. Does that still count as bi? Imma say probably. But ultimately, no one in my group of friends or family knows. Mostly passerby folks that I've become buddies with or know at a "safe" distance (as in, neighboring cities). Uh, did I mention I like to interact? Cuz I do. I think. Probably. Yes.
I posted a reply and it...went away.
Welcome to the forum Sam.

this is an amazing forum and many people are helpful. I believe im helpful too hehe. the only problem about me is that i dont know much but I say the thing that I know. and I'm sure your admitting process will be ok Smile.
Quanta Wrote:I posted a reply and it...went away.

Unfortunately until you reach 50 posts some of your posts get randomly held for moderation by the system. Best way around this is to head to the gaming threads and just spam your way to 50 posts, then your posts won't be moderated Smile
Thanks! I could have sworn I read that but held onto some skepticism.
Hello, [MENTION=24600]Quanta[/MENTION], Sam, and Welcome to GaySpeak. I see that [MENTION=22727]Cridders88[/MENTION] has already told you about the 50-post moderation limit. Once you pass that threshold, you get to use the site much more freely. So don't worry about some of your posts disappearing, keep posting and hope that some of them will make it through despite some being set aside for moderation. So, I'd like to hear more about your background. Where are you from (give us a rough idea, as that could be interesting when giving advice)? What's your sex and romantic life been like so far? How did you come to the realisation that you were bisexual or possibly gay ? Do you live in an urban or rural area ? And so what is your access to things gay related?

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