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Hello =]
Good evening everyone,

Been on here a few days now, recieved some help etc. I must say there are a lot of helpfull people on here Smile

Both my and my boyfriend are registered on this site (Odd) he didn't recommend it as such, but you know hehe.

So yes, hello Smile
Welcome here Adzie, hope you'll enjoy your stay =)
Hello and, officially, welcome ! :biggrin:.

Hope you stick around - everybody here is sound as, so I'm sure you will make friends with new people in no time if you do decide to become a regular poster ...


!?!?! Shadow !?!?!
Hi adzie,

Welcome to the site. I am back after months of being away. I return and see lots of cute looking men Smile
[COLOR="Purple"]Welcome to the site adzie Wavey

Glad you found it friendly and all... wanna tell us who your bf is?[/COLOR]
That's for him to do hehe :p But... We both have the same name (Hint) :p
Hello. Welcome Confusedmile:
adzie Wrote:That's for him to do hehe :p But... We both have the same name (Hint) :p

I dont have the brain ability right now for puzzles Cry [/COLOR]

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