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Hi I'm Rob from UK.
I've been reading a few posts and getting some really usefull stuff. I'm confused about my sexuality but from reading some of the threads i can explore how i feel and understand it more. Confusedmile:

Basically i'm atracted to women visually and sometimes men but men take the lead which is where i fit in better.

Happy to be here Confusedmile:
Hello Rob G and Welcome to GaySpeak, the site where people can speak freely of what ails them and who nails them... (haha). Ok that was a little crude, but basically, you can belong here if you have any questions about your sexual orientation and how to go about negotiating your place in this crazy world. Good luck with the finding out of who you are. Confusedmile:
Hey Rob welcome to GS, feel free to explore whatever felling you my fell.....Ya feel me.
Welcome to the GS family Rob ask questions say what you feel very few judges on here.
hi and welcome, enjoy postin mate
Hi Rob and welcome to GS.
Welcome Rob Smile I hope you have a wonderful time here and I hope you aren't so confused and find yourself Smile
May our site prove usefull in finding your answers.

Enjoy your say.Confusedmile:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so
Thanks everyone
welcome to gs Big Grin

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