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hi everyone, i'm new here, so happy to find here! just want to say hi to all of you Smile
Hello sir, from Stavanger Norway... It's way up in the north... HAve you got snow, we have snow here today. Welcome to GaySpeak... How did you find the site?
[SIZE=2]Enjoy your stay!Confusedmile:
(My 1000 post, YAY!:tongueSmile
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so
@princealbertofb just a small one, Stavanger is in the south of Norway, hope there'll be some heavy snows this winter Cool
@Genersis thanx and congratulations!
Hello. Welcome Smile
Welcome iamarabbit! Nice and you're from Norway too. You're one of the very few Norwegians around here, maybe you're the first.
Welcome to the Gs community of friends
iamarabbit.....hehehe I like it, that's a good name.

Welcome to Gs iamarabbit Confusedmile:
@Genersis congratulations for your 1000th post!
@Cutieboy i'm not Norwegian, just study here Smile
@all thank you all, i do feel warm here Confusedmile:
Hello mr.wabbit

welcome to the forums and hope you find what you're after here Smile

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