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My name is Joe and I haven't used a forum to chat since I was a teen. I am not about 25 and need a place to express myself due to the fact I live in a closet of an area. I hope that this place will become part of my routine and I will get to meet interesting people.

Like my handle says I read Tarot so I would love to chat with any other diviners/ wiccans/ pagans.

Hello and welcome! :]
Fenris is pagan, I think, you can find him in the members list.
Hello, Joe, and welcome. I also live in Norfolk, but I think it is probably quite a different place from where you live.

There are a couple of people on here who are interested in tarot. Unfortunately, one of them is dealing with a lot of family stuff at the moment and has not been able to be active for some time. I hope he'll be back with us soon and I hope you enjoy your time here.
Hi and welcome to the forum, Joe! I have a friend who is wiccan and he's also gay. I've been wanting him to join this forum for months, however he doesn't have a working computer at this time. He should be getting his own laptop soon. Whenever that happens, I will definitely tell him to join. He wants to join this forum too. Well anyhow, enjoy the forum!
Hello Tarotjoe and Welcome to GaySpeak. You ought to get on well with Fenris who is pagan like you. I'm sure there are parts of Norfolk where it is possible to be gay. Have you tried going to a gay pub or gay bar? Do you know where they are? A quick search on the Internet might give you some options.
welcome to the forums
Thanks for the warm greetings. I am very sure that Norfolk VA is nothing like Norfolk in the UK. It is a military area with people that have felt oppressed for some time. I am glad there are other people that are comfortably Pagan as well lurking about. Well I hope to get to know everyone Better!

Greetings Joe, and welcome, yes I agree Norfolk Va, is probably differant than the same in UK, but the feeling and the hope is probably the same, just want you to know, James, e8, vietnam, spl forces
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