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Hello! My name is Michael, and the current handle I'm best known as on the interwebs right now is Moregelen! I'm out to my family, and not anyone else (though, to be honest, that has a lot more to do with a lack of reason [ie: a relationship] for being openly, flamboyantly, out; it was important to have the acceptance of my family, but those annoying peripheral people don't matter much!)

To be honest, I found myself here through an odd series of Google searches trying to track down one of my favorite FanFiction authors who appears to have gone off the radar, and if it weren't for the fact that my GPU crapped out on me (my computer is on my bed disassembled right now, lame!), I'd probably be playing WoW, but this works too! I'm bored right now and browsing a new forum is always fun, but I ran out of maximum posts read per day as an anonymous user Cry

Anyhoo, HELLO!
Hi thereConfusedmile:
hello and welcome to gayspeak Smile
Hey, Moregelen -- welcome to GS! Confusedmile:
Hi and welcome to GS .
you are warm welcome here
2 posts in 2 days... I assume you are back on Azeroth.

For those of us who are lost, that is the name of the main world of World of War Craft.

Hopefully you will pull yourself away from endless grind-fest and come back to us -
Stay away from the light (Carol Anne)..... :biggrin:

So hi and welcome to Gayspeak Wavey
Welcome to GS!!!!! Smile
Hahah. Kinda. I was ordering the parts so I can build myself a new comptuer =P

I figure that seven years with the same computer is long enough, so upgrade time! WOOOOOO! Biggrinflip

And then I went and did the Dragon Soul raid >.> hehe

But no, I only play on my raid nights. I used to play quite a bit more while working on gearing, but now that I'm current with the heroic raid gear, I found I have no desire to play except on raid nights (even sometimes during raid nights), so that is three days a week. I'm a super-nerd though! If it weren't WoW, it would be something else! =P

In my free time I skulk around on FanFiction websites (*blushes horribly*) and work on programming my current obsession.. er.. I mean project...

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