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Hi David, Welcome
Welcome! Wavey
Welcome to the site Smile
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Cunobelin Wrote:Thank you. Yes, it is just one of my fears, that they will be angry with me, angry that I lied to their mother, or angry that I didn't just one day "snap out of it" and become straight. I don't know, just fear. Chances are, though, that they will be accepting.

Dont allow this to worry you because unless iot happens its not worth worrying over... Any child on this earth wants love and devotion from both parents... Whatever their sexuality is it doesnt really matter as long as you remain a part of their lives and when they are about 8 years old have the heart to heart chat and explain to them that daddy is like he is because of the genetics which make people who they are... Explain that sometimes people in life try to be something they arent and fighting it doesnt make it any better... Tell them they are your nearest and dearest and you will always love them. Children from a young age are more accepting than if you tell them later on as they grow up with an open mind wherteas as they get older it begins to close

Kindest regards

zeon x

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