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Hello All,
Hey again everyone,

 Its good to be back after such a long time away.. I have tried checking in from time to time with changes going on in life and sorting out different bits and pieces.. Well for those who dont know me or remember me as im sure some of the aspects of life have changed.. I am a guy from Brighton in the UK, I originally joined up on this site years ago when it was just a few members and watched it grow into something wonderful.. I had to take some time off this site for a bit due to an ex partner being an alcoholic and running off with many thousands of pounds in my name of which ended up costing me my home and finding myself at rock bottom.

Well nowadays I have managed to rebuild, retain my dignity and hold onto the right track to turn my destroyed almost bankrupt credit rating into something good. When i was on here, I was always the kind of member who would happily help others with advice, support or just needing a place to vent as lets face it.. The best form of venting is being able to speak to someone completely random.. Well last time I was online for those that may remember I was working in the traffic industry and have now moved over to the debt collection industry which is fun and rewarding yet also challenging at the same time in being able to help others whilst mediating different outlooks and situations and learning about different backgrounds and so on.

Well hope everyone doing good during this whole lockdown situation and keeping social distancing going because lets face it.. Not all illnesses are visible and its better to keep apart to save others in life than it is to risk mingling with others and unintentionally passing the bug along the line..

Well i look forward to communicating with a lot of you members over the course of time and on other notes.. If anyone new is reading this and wondering if people can actually form long lasting friendships in life?? The simple answer to this is YES.. I have a penpal who i have known for just over 20 years who lives in the US and hopefully when this is all sorted and flights can continue as normal.. I will be going to see him for the first time ever...

Well have a great time and speak to you guys soon

Zeon Smile
Welcome back online Zeon.

Sounds like you’ve been through the mill, glad to hear you made it out the other side!

I hear Brighton Pride has already been cancelled due to this dam virus pandemic, though I’m a little surprised they are cancelling stuff so early.

This isolation stuff is getting old now after 3 weeks already. Stay safe!
Hi zeon,

Best wishes,

Seeing this forum grow is pretty awesome right?

It developed in such a positive way and being able to drop in and out over the years really was something that helped not only myself but I'm sure many others.

The journey you've taken sounds rough but kudos to you for finding a way to get through it and come out on top.

Lockdown is another storm we all have to get through now but I'm sure we can do it! With plans to meet your penpal it sounds like you have something to focus on at least Big Grin How do you feel about that?! What finally made you decide that now is the right time to?

Speak soon Smile
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I learn to love it more and more.
Welcome back! Smile
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