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// . [Hello All!]
Hello everyone. My username is Khorupt, that's obvious. I hate my real name so, if you don't want to call me Khor or Khorupt, call me Mel. It's what I usually go by. Just wanted to introduce myself. Tongue

- Mel.
Welcome to the forums! Hope u stick around! :biggrin:
Welcome aboard!
Thanks for the welcome you guys Tongue I'm sure I will be sticking around, seems pretty cool here.

- Mel.
Welcome! great to see a new member with us Smile
its very friendly here. i like it so shud u Laugh1
hi im zack cool 2 meetcha!!
Nice to meet all of you too Tongue

- Mel.
Welcome to the site... I see there are a lot of new people on here and I have been gone so I havent seen all of these people. Anyways, welcome to the site.

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