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Hello All (uk)
Hey all, Im Marki and im 23..
Been looking round for a gay forum around my age group and looking at some of the posts it seems I found it.. dont worry im not agist I just wanna be able to socialize with people my age lol so i'll speak to everyone :-P

What can I say? Hmm.. i'm completely out but inexperienced (one boyfriend) and I have no gay friends or means of meeting gay friends so I hope this forum can provide friends local and around the world.

I am ultimately looking for a guy.. but isn't everyone? So im not using this site as a dating site but if I meet someone I like and who genuinely likes me who knows?

What else? I'm a geek.. gaming and manga are my forte and I also like making stories when I can concentrate.

I used to be really fat and I've lost a dramatic amount of weight and continue to do so.. so im getting more and more confident which has led to me being a bit of an exhibitionist (cam4 etc) so yea always up for a laugh.

Anywho thats my introduction and my picture be to your left.. drop me a line x
Hello, Marki. Welcome Smile
Hello Marki and Welcome to GaySpeak. I have actually already written in some of your threads... Glad you found this site... er... no, I'm not looking for a boy or guy or man since I have found him in the person of Marshlander... but we both welcome you.... Good luck with the search.
Hi nice to meet you welcome to the site! I hope you find him
hey marki welcome to gs enjoy your stay
Hello Marki i hope you enjoy yourself here.
This is the best forum on the net. :3 welcome to the forums
Hi Marki, welcome along Confusedmile:
Hey and welcome!
Hello Marki!

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