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Hello Everyone!
Heya Xyxwave ,

Im 16 and from cold 'n' wet cumbria, i came to the site because i want to talk to other ppl that feel the same way as me, there aint many in cumbria i can tell you! my friends call me Zavy, so you can too, or luke - i dont mind Big Grin hope to get to know u all 'n' make some friends.

Im 5 10'' and a slim build... not very muscular, brown hair and green eyes Big Grin
I enjoy running 'n' snowboarding, sadly, plenty of hills but no snow around here so it makes both running and snowboarding hard lol. I can speak Italian and English but both pretty badly, i work on the weekend and enjoy that too. Confusedmile:

Hi Zavy, welcome to the site... ya found a good one and hope you make yourself comfortable here and make some friends.

btw, running hills is real good for ya Rolleyes
Hello, Luke, welcome.
thanks guys Confusedmile:
Hello Wavey and Welcome to the site, Luke ... Zavy... Confusedmile:
Hey Luke and welcome Xyxwave

Hi zavy,
Welcome to the site babes.. Its great to see a new face.. This is a fantastic forum to join and be part of... With regards to snowboarding and no snow never tried dryboarding?? Just grab a massive piece of cardboard and go down the hill on cardboard... Usually you stop but when you go down the hill it gets scary avoiding trees

Kindest regards and welcome again Confusedmile:

zeon x
Hehe, not tried that, can imagine the ground hurts more than snow Tongue and them trees well, you gotta watch out Smile
hehe trust me its not as good as snowboarding as its not as wet but the trees arent the problem if u roll off u get burnt from the friction of hitting the grass but before ya try it check the hazardous areas such as stones sticks rabbit holes rocks telegraph poles cow pat etc etc the usual as any of these will make u go OW or EW

kindest regards

I'll take "hallo".Hallo,welcome to GS.Is it pronounced as "Koombria"?

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