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Hello Everyone!
lol, cant drive yet, well not allowed, i can drive, love it in fact Big Grin hehe Confusedmile:

I had a mate who started driving at ten, well around a farm not bad really apart from the car a fiat panda, 4x4 though lol!
hehe, i started driving quads n buggys around 6 or 7 i was a small kid so dad made me blocks so i could hit the gears - we have adult sized quads
same as my mate lucky sod lol!

I had to wait till I was 17 to lean ti drive but got another two years to get my first car....
Got my first car lined up, mazda 2 the new one - LOVE the green its AWSOME!
Hi All,
I aint a snow boarder either i just tend to spend me time chilling mainly and trying to survive in the credit crunch hehe

kindest regards

zeon x
ahh, i dont rly worry 'bout that, have been savin' and working since i was 10 Confusedmile: plenty saved up, lol parents dont seem to care either, still squabbling over their divorce, Gah!
You should talk to my mate MarkGVA - he boards, and you'll find him here from time to time Confusedmile:.


!?!?! Shadow !?!?!
And belated greeting from moi Zavy

Looks like you fitting in just fine



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