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Hello Everyone
Not sure where to start but here goes. My name is Aaron and I am 25 yrs old and I'M GAY! I created this profile to start off the new year. I am still in the closet to my family and have been for the past 5 yrs. But that will change as of this week. I'm here hoping to make some friendships here, as the guys I've talked with in my area are only after one thing and want nothing to do with forming a serious relationship.
Hi Aaron, Welcome to the forums Smile
Story heard many times, apparently men are not serious about relationships Wink, you've come to the right place, Aaron so Welcome to GaySpeak.... Hope to hear more about you and how you plan to come out of your closet this year. How do you think your parents will take it?
I really don't know how they might take it. Every time I think about it a sort of chill goes down my spine. Although I have been working on getting my courage up to tell them. I have also thought of of a few ways ranging from taking them out to eat to some kind of media presentation. I have actually finished the media presentation, but I'm not sure if I'll use it.

edit: Typo.
Welcome to the forum PurpleHusky! :biggrin:
What does your media presentation include, if I may ask?
Well a bit of how I love them, leading to an apology for some of the trouble I've caused them, then bombshell, then the whole hope you can accept this fact bit.

I honestly think I've done a poor job on it though. If I could find where my mother put all our family photos, i could make it much better.
You've obviously put a lot of thought into it... and a lot of consideration for their feelings. Maybe your talk to them could explain about the pangs of anxiety generated from so much selflessness...?
Yeah, I've been putting thought into this since August. But back then I just didn't feel ready to tell them. I finally decided as my 25th birthday approached that this is something that I needed to do. So I made it a firm new year's resolution to get it done. I hope they understand that I am taking their feelings into consideration. Also hopefully this releases all that anxiety that has been building up these past few months.
Everyone's experience is different depending on how people react... There never is a right time to tell people, but the right time for you is definitely when you've got your heart set on being truthful to yourself and to others as well... Kudos to you!! And good luck.

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