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Hello! :) If anyone is interested in having their picture in my equality video
Hey, so basically I'm making a video about equality, and really it is about the subject in general but with emphasis on homosexuality and gay marriage.

Near the end of the video there's a spot where I'll have lots of pictures people have sent me (Have had some amazing ones so far) They're of someone holding a sign about equality (whether it's just the word, a symbol of equality and decorated if you want)

SO yeah If anyone is interested, this video on my YouTube channel probably explains it so much better. I would post a link to it, but i don't think I can lol But my channel name is 'Artumephoenix' and it's literally the second video Smile

I'm doing this by Friday/Saturday so Thank you so much Smile xx
I would It's time we all learned to live together in peace.
if i can helpm go for it x
Simon, I guess you are talking of this video???

Thanks for your contribution to this battle.

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