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Hello! Why I'm Joining
I'm really struggling being gay. Like, I'm not very good at it lol. I've been "actively" gay for a little less than a year. Before that I was literally living with some monks. Anyways, I tried posting an introduction post before and it was probably too long.
I also moved to a new city (in a more accepting part of the country), that has definitely helped. However, I struggle with social anxiety. Partly bc I'm gay. I used to make all my friends through Church. I'm scared that people won't like me for who I am. Like, I don't want to go to the local LGBT center bc all I used to do was talk religion and politics w/ my friends. Now I'm a lot less sure of myself. I know I'm an interesting person, but I'm worried that I'm not relatable.

Anyways, I don't want to run the risk of this being too long as well. I'm joining here in the hopes that y'all can help me be gay. Like, meeting people, working up the courage to go to a gay bar. I'm also a noob when it comes to relationships. I'm 25 with the relationship experience of like a budding 16 or 15 year old.

So, that's some back story on me. Hoping to find some support here!
Welcome [MENTION=24586]WaterOfLife[/MENTION], you'll do fine here. Just hang out and enjoy the company. 50 posts will get you past being monitored. Nothing personal. It just weeds out trolls.

More than one of us here has lived the life of a monk, though without orders to match. We also have a couple that enjoy the eau de vie. Can't be helped.

Talk and listen to your good. We are a pretty friendly bunch.
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Hey man, welcome to GS.

As a rule of thumb, at meet and greets, bars, etc... religion and politics are usually not the best topics to bring up. Especially considering how volatile those topics are in society at the moment. Instead, consider what your interests are, do you have any hobbies? Do you enjoy your work? Even talking about what your home town was like before moving.... these are all good topics. So is encouraging the other person to talk about themselves by being interested in what they're saying and questions.

I also have social anxiety (a relatively recent development that came about a few years ago after being attacked and scarred), but ascribe to the "fake it until you make it" theory. In other words, fake the confidence and comfort of being around others until you find the things that actually work to --give-- you confidence and comfort around others. It's not for everyone, but has worked well for me, especially in proving that others do not find my facial scar as hideous as I do personally... which slowly lead to a better self acceptance and more confidence, etc.
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Welcome to GS.
All gays can relate, atleast, in the fact that they're gay. Most have also been scared to come out and of how their friends and family would react. Some are religious too. There must be a gay with Jesus group somewhere...

Personally I'm not religious. I'm gay though. Heeeyyy.
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[SIZE="4"]You could do worse than to look for some support groups in your area. A quick search on the Internet brought up these and there are very many more:[/SIZE]
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Welcome WaterOfLife Smile. Hope you enjoy your time here. I think some of us can relate to the feeling of being 10 years behind everyone else. Keep talking here, and hopefully you will gain more confidence. I know that I have certainly come a long way since joining this forum Smile
Welcome to the forums, WaterOfLife.
Hi welcome to GS Smile
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welcome to the forums - like most people here you have spent your life building the personality you are now but then this gay thing has thrown a spanner in the works that you have to accept eventually - as for other people !!! some may accept you easily and do not care , just be prepared for some people to to be hesitant or not accept you at all now - just remember nothing has change apart from the gender you fancy more now Smile
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Welcome to GS. Smile

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