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Hello all!
Hello. My name is Nick. I am someone who is still getting used to the idea of thinking of himself as gay (I'm new to this). I'm from the US, but I live in Japan. I have lived in Japan for nearly 7 years altogether as a high school student, a college student, and through work. I have worked as a teacher, and as a translator and interpreter.

Until recently I have thought of Japan as my home, but recent realizations (or rather acceptance) concerning my sexuality, I have started looking for work in the US and am planning to return to the states because Japan is really not a very good country to try to lead a gay life (unless you're willing to hide it, which I don't want to).

So, hello all. I'm looking forward to being a member of this community. Thank you.
welcome Baiuke.

I'm suprised that you feel Japan is homophobic, I guess it may depend where you live.

I lived in Suita, north of Osaka and just outside of Shin-Osaka. I managed a bar and in the same building were 2 gay bars which closed 2 hours before my bar closed, so I would get quiet a few gay guys. This was back in 1996-7
I wouldn't call them homophobic, the country seems quite tolerant of gay people, but outside of gay districts and gay areas, homosexuality is not shown openly. You'd be hard pressed to find someone being openly gay in their daily life.

Also, outside of Tokyo, not too many places in Japan have anti-discrimination laws for gays yet.

Anyway, it's complicated. In any case, I think I'd rather go back home; I need to reconnect with my family and friends.
I know what you mean, I was in Japan for 1 year, my brother was there for over 10 years, gets tough being away from home and family.
Hello and welcome. Smile Congratulations on being able to take what can't have been an easy decision. My partner tells me I'm very slow to make decisions because I was born under the sign of Taurus. I smile and nod.

Best wishes for your future.
welcome to the forums :]

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