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Hello everyone!
Helloooo from Maryland!

It has been years since I've done the whole forum thing & I really want to get back into it. I figured this would be a good start, but anyway: the name is Eric, I live in a small town, super awesome, just kidding, I drive a mustang, studied in London last semester, currently commute to a school 15 mins down the road... just looking to expand my network. hayyy.

soooo how is everyone today, what're you all doing? Xyxwave
welcome go gayspeak

air Wrote:what're you all doing?
siting around the denver airport, maybe watch a movie
hi eric - just building up to xmas ..all the best m8 .. happy to see u on GS
welcome to gs
welcome to gayspeak eric
Hi Hi Welcome to GS.

I'm sitting at my computer and watching anime on netflix. : )
Hi Eric ,welcome to GS .:biggrin:

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