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Hello from Holland!
Hi there,

I'm from Holland, 26 years old and I always love to get to know new people. Really into a diverse palette of music genres, movies, clothing and I'm rather out-going. I do love to talk about a various amount of subjects so I'm curious what you guys have to offer here in terms of your stories!

Welcome to the forum! Elefant

If there's something in particular you'd like to talk about, start a thread. We all have lots of opinions lol.
"That's just the way it is
Some things will never change
That's just the way it is
Ah, but don't you believe them..."
~~~~~~~~Bruce Hornsby,, "That's Just The Way It Is"
Welcome to GS . You're sure to find friends here, we are generally a friendly bunch.
"You can be young without money but you can't be old without money"
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Hi welcome to GS your come to the right place for chats!
An eye for an eye
Hi neighbour, welcome to the forums.
Yo, welcome to GS. If all goes well with my new job I'll be visiting next year.
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Welcome to GS :-)
Welcome to GS Smile
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Hello and welcome [emoji3]
Welcome on board Wavey

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