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Hello from MS!
Hey everybody!

My name is Kyle and I decided to join this forum to get a better sense of community than where I am currently living. I recently moved to Greenwood, MS to teach 8th grade English at a local middle school here. As part of TFA's mission, I will be here for 2+ years. After a few weeks of being on grindr/a4a I realized that this place is full of closeted guys who only talk to you because they have one thing in mind, sex.

After being in college for 4 years in San Antonio, TX, I felt like I was in a pretty safe environment with a pretty good circle of friends. A few months ago, I was accepted into TFA and moving to MS. I realized that this open environment I had experienced for the last 4 years was going to change dramatically, and if I were to find any type of community that was not centered on physicality, I would have to look online.

So here I am, I am very excited to meet all of you and I hope this experience will be a long one.

I also like to write a lot Smile
Hey man! Welcome to GS. I've seen a few of your posts so far, and enjoyed them.

I look forward to reading more. Smile
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Welcome to the forum!

My best friend was born in Crawfordville, GA (population 500), and having visited there, I have a good sense of what you're facing. He got out lol -

At least the teaching experience should be pretty great!
Hello Kyle Welcome
<<<<I'm just consciousness having a human experience>>>>
Hi and welcome to GS Smile
Welcome. I've also enjoyed your posts so far. Smile
Welcome to GS Smile I like writing too, my main hobby.

Dude --- if you're in TFA you've got to be a good guy. My mom is a big supporter here in South Dakota and TFA is huge here on the reservations & remote public schools.

You're right about closeted gay there in that area. I've got friends who live in Meridian a couple of hours from you... who are begging me to come there to see their bar, Crossroads... if you go there PLEASE fill me in...

You're not all that far from New Orleans, Mobile and Pensacola which all have GREAT gay communities. Me and my guy are planning to be in P'cola next Memorial Day for the 4 mile gay beach party they have ever year.

here's a video linking to others of your area. good luck! And you've found the friendliest and best gay forum!

I just checked out your pics............ oooooo...... my BF wud be reeeelly wurried if he wuz smart
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Hi Kyle! Welcome to GS!Hello I was stationed in Mississippi once...Good Luck!
Thanks for all the welcome posts! I'm glad to be here Smile

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