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Hello from Oregon
I'm a 25yr old gay male from a small town in Oregon.

Am sociable, and an all around good/nice guy.

I decided to write a Gay Romance/Action/Sci-Fi Story and been looking for a forum to post on to hopefully get some feedback. IE good, bad, weak story, strong story line, etc. lol.

Also to maybe participate in some forums on here lol.

Looks like I found the forum? Lol.
Maybe Wink Hello and welcome Smile
marshlander Wrote:Maybe Wink Hello and welcome Smile

Hi and thanks Wink
hello and welcome j.2154! I will try to read your story when I have more time to really look at it. Enjoy yourself here Big Grin !
hey, welcome to gs. look foward to reading your material. dont have the time atm XD but when I do read I'll give feed back ^_^
Hey hey! Welcome to GS. I'll see if I have time to read your story.
hi j i will read your storyConfusedmile:
Welcome to the Gs community of friends
Hi everyone,

thank you. Look forward to seeing your comments. Have already posted 2 chapters.

The story isn't really um about sex. It's a Romance/Action/Sci-Fi.

It's about 2 guys who meet and slowly start to fall for each other. But they're hired on a contract and soon are about to go back home. It's kind of twisted, and haven't wrote anything in awhile.

It's kind of based on true events, so I created the Action/Sci-Fi to describe different events and not copy the real ones lol.

But since the core of the story is true the story is already written in my mind lol.

I created the Action/Sci-Fi to help explain how they meet, what they do, etc. to add to the twist, and if u are good with details then you'll see a few events before they happen lol.

Figured writing would help get it out if you know what I mean lol.

I've already wrote 2 chapters. The story is called "The Fire of Hearts"

Hope yall have a great day :-)

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